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  • New students are classified as those who have NEVER taken courses at College of the Canyons before and are not currently enrolled in high school. If you took classes while you were in high school, but have not taken any College of the Canyons courses since you graduated high school, you would be considered a new student.  If you are a new student, click the below button to get started on your New Student Checklist.

      New Student Checklist

  • Students that are in high school and want to take courses at College of the Canyons before they have graduated are part of our ‘College Now!' program. Click the button below to learn more information and next steps.

    High School / College Now!


  • Returning students have not attended College of the Canyons for a semester or more (fall or spring). Returning students MUST submit a new application to the college. Click the button below for information on returning to COC.

    Returning Students  


  • Continuing students are those who have been enrolled in classes at College of the Canyons anytime within the last semester. Summer and winter sessions do not count. If you did not attend during the summer or winter sessions, you do not have to reapply for the Fall or Spring semesters. Click the button below to learn more.