Parking Information

How to Order a Parking Permit

Parking Rules and Regulations

All parking on the Valencia and Canyon Country campus property requires possession and proper display of a valid parking permit at all times. Possession of a parking permit does not guarantee the availability of a parking space. Parking is authorized only in the areas designated for the type of permit issued. Parking must be in full accordance with the signs posted and/or these written regulations. Permits are required in all lots seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Student permits are valid in marked stalls in student lots only.

Display of Permit

Permits must be displayed clearly from the rear view mirror when parking in the college parking lots. Failure to display a valid permit may result in a parking citation for the amount of $35.

Refund of Parking Fees

There are no refunds for parking permits.


The Campus Safety Department receives its authority to enforce the traffic and parking regulations from the California Penal Code, the California Vehicle Code and the Municipal Court. Ignoring a citation will result in immediate legal action in the form of additional penalties and a hold being placed on your vehicle registration with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Citations will be issued for violation of provisions of the California Vehicle Code as well as the following special college regulations under Section 21113 CVC.

  1. Any vehicle parked in a regular stall shall have displayed a valid Student Parking Permit which must be displayed clearly from the rear view mirror. Vehicles without permits may purchase a temporary parking permit from the permit vending machines. The cost is $3.00 for an all day permit, good on both campuses. These machines are located in lot 2 and 3 (Canyon Country campus) lot's 6, 7, 8 and the South Parking lot 13, 14 and 15 (Valencia campus).
  2. No person shall fail to obey any sign or signal erected to carry out these regulations or any section of the California Vehicle Code.
  3. Parking is not allowed in any area that does not have clearly marked stall.
  4. Vehicles parked within a stall shall not overlap the lines that designate that stall.
  5. Painted curbs are in indication of restricted parking and the color denotes the type of parking allowed as follows.
    1. RED ZONE - indicates no parking or stopping anytime, whether the vehicle is attended or not.
    2. YELLOW ZONE - indicates a 15 minute parking zone.
    3. GREEN ZONE - indicates 30 minute parking zone.
    4. BLUE ZONE - indicates handicapped persons' parking area. Must display a valid DMV issued disabled parking placard. Disabled drivers must carry valid disabled permit paper work and have it available upon request.
    5. WHITE ZONE - drop off or pick up only. Unattended vehicles will be cited.
  6. No person shall abandon, leave standing, any vehicle or motorized cycle on the campus for 24 or more consecutive hours without permission of the Campus Safety Department. Violations will result in vehicle removal and storage.
  7. No person shall drive any unlicensed vehicle, nor shall any person stop, park or leave standing any vehicle, whether attended or unattended, upon driveways, paths, or the grounds of College of the Canyons without permission. Any unidentifiable vehicle on campus is subject to removal and storage. Exception is made for District-owned vehicles.

Campus Speed Limit

No vehicle other that emergency equipment shall be operated on District facilities at a speed in excess of fifteen (15) miles per hour and, where signs indicate a lesser speed, that speed will be the maximum. Violator's may be referred to the Dean of Students for possible disciplinary action.

Special Parking Areas


Thirty-minute-timed areas are designed with green curbs. If any visitor is going to be in a space for longer than the designated time limit, he/she should purchase a temporary parking permit from the permit vending machines. Students are not allowed to use the Visitor Parking area.


Several areas on campus are designated for handicapped parking. For the location of Handicapped parking please see the Campus Maps listed below. Vehicles parked in these blue-lined parking stalls are required to properly display a current California Handicapped placard. The college does not require a staff, student or visitor permit in addition to the handicap placard.

You can obtain information about Handicapped Placards at this web page:


Staff members must display a valid Staff Parking Permit which must be displayed clearly from the rear view mirror when parking in the college parking lots. Staff may park in staff or student lots. Parking lot 12 is for Early Childhood Education parking only until 5:00 p.m. After 5 p.m. staff can park in the parking lot. A citation will be issued to all vehicles that do not have a Early Childhood Education parking pass displayed in their vehicle. STUDENT LOTS - Student parking permits must be clearly displayed from the rear view mirror when parking in the student college parking lots. MOTORCYCLES - shall park in designated motorcycle parking areas located in lot's 4, 13 and 15 (Valenica campus) lot 2 (Canyon Country campus). They shall have a student motorcycle permit clearly displayed.

How to File a Citation Appeal

Be Safe On Campus

  • Be especially aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • Use discretion and caution when taking shortcuts through isolated parts of campus. Always walk in a group or with a buddy.
  • Keep personal belongings with you at all times while in class, the library or lab.
  • Program your cell phone with the on duty Campus Safety Officer at (661) 510-3882 for faster assistance with on campus incidents.
  • Learn self-defense techniques by enrolling in a self-defense class.
  • Use the Escort service by calling Campus Escort at (661) 259-7800 ext. 0